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Your Horoscope for Today

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Can reading your horoscope for today, on a day to day basis, help you find who you will marry and what your life will be like? … Who knows?
For Circe, however, it was something much more. Ever since she had first started reading her daily horoscope online, things started looking up for her. It started out as just a simple good-day ordeal, but soon she noticed that when she avoided the things the horoscope suggested she would have an even better day. This isn't a story about how accurate her horoscope for today was or anything, but rather it is a tale of Circe, a young teenage girl, learning that sometimes she should just believe in herself as well.

Horoscope Amusement

Circe, or Ellie for those not close to her, could be described as being your average freshman in college. She was a computer science engineer major, so most of her life was taken up by homework or giant projects that needed to be done within a week. With all of this hassle one thing still made her day a bit better, finding amusement in her horoscope for today. She found it amusing how each day there would be what seemed like a broad generalization for anybody to read and say, "That's me!" or any other saying that made them feel special. She hadn't bought into the readings being true yet and didn't intend to.

"Come on, Circe, it could be fun to see your daily horoscope come true." A girl about the same age as Circe commented while working on a small sketch in her notebook.
Circe shook her head. "Do you really think," she opened a blank page on her browser and pulled up her horoscope for the day, "that my sadness can be cured if I reach out to those I don't normally talk to? Or if I became more open minded today the sun will shine brighter and all because the moon is in alignment with a certain planet? I'm an engineer not an astrologer. Planets don't affect my life."

The girl shrugged. "You never know, I mean look at Rob. He didn't believe any of it but one stated that if he were to start smiling more often Venus would look in his favor and he would find his soul mate. Now look at him, he's getting married next month!"
The girl's giggled at the thought of Rob getting married. He had only met Amber just a year ago and now they wanted to spend their lives together. It was cute but Circe still didn't believe it was because of any horoscope prediction they read on particular day.

"Look, Rachel, I love your enthusiasm for this entire daily horoscope thing, but seriously? Do you really think a smile made Amber his soul mate? That's pretty farfetched if you ask me."
Rachel just sighed and went back to her computer. "You have such a closed minded, I swear."

Being Open Minded

The two continued to do work in silence. What was going on in Circe's mind, however, wasn't how she should code her next line for the project, but more on what Rachel had said. She had been open minded on a lot of things in her life, but for some reason she just couldn't accept reading a horoscope each and every day. She liked the idea of the zodiac symbols and meanings, but something about a woman telling her to simply do something different that day and then good would come about seemed ridiculous. It was like the chain mail she received on Facebook that told her to share or someone would kill her that night. To Circe, it seemed way too improbable.

The day continued slowly with nothing exciting happening. That was, until a random boy from one of her classes had taken her favorite seat in class. It was next to the outlet and one of the few outlets in the classroom. Glaring at the boy, she knew there wasn't much she could do and proceeded to sit in the chair in front of him so she could stretch her charger for her laptop out farther than it should have. The cord hung an inch above the ground so she was constantly in fear of someone tripping over the cord and pulling her laptop along with it to the ground. She wanted to say something to the boy, but what she would say wouldn't have been appropriate in the class room and would possibly cause a fight that she wasn't ready for. For all Circe knew, this man could be extremely violent and would break all of her bones before she could move out of the way.

The boy leaned forward so his head was next to hers. "Listen, I don't mean to be rude, but do you mind not glaring so much at me. I am pretty sure I did nothing to you unless that was your dog I almost hit this morning, in which case I am really sorry."
Circe turned around. "I don't know who you are and I don't care, but don't talk to me anymore. Thanks to you my laptop will possibly die or someone will break it."
A few people looked over at the two after Circe had shouted. The boy looked around, but then went back to Circe. "Hey look, this is my first day in this class. I didn't know we had assigned seats. Can't you have a bit more of an open mind for once and just think to ask me to move before trying to kill me in your head?"

Circe Meets a Boy

Circe's eyes widened when she heard the boy tell her to be more open minded. It was the same thing the horoscope had said to her earlier that day. She shook her head thinking it was something of a coincidence and turned back around to her computer. The boy didn't bother her for the rest of the class period so Circe was left in peace but not of mind. Her mind continued to wonder if the horoscope was right about everything it had said. Sure it was a coincidence to her but something about it all seemed strange as well.
As the class ended, the boy smiled at her and tried to signal for her to talk to him again. She ignored his offer and took off out of the door before he could even wish her farewell. She didn't know what his problem was now, but she just wanted to experiment with the “You Horoscope for Today” website. Her first task would be to go to the exact same page tomorrow and memorize the prediction made, to see if anything from the prediction came true.

The next day came by quickly as her evening was filled with projects and homework alike. Her dreams were filled with her friends turning into human versions of many of the zodiac signs, with her holding scales that held all of them in perfect balance so no one fell. When she awoke that morning he immediately went to her laptop and looked up the day’s horoscope to see if it changed and if there was anything she felt was false about it that day.
“As you wander in confusement today, don't forget those you passed by yesterday as they may bring you inner peace and knowledge in the future. Look towards the moon for guidance as you solve the mysteries of life.” It advised.

Circe laughed to herself. "This can't be a new horoscope. It sounds like the psychic or something just continued the storyline of yesterday."
She paused as she got a shiver down her spine.
"Well I did agree I would try this experiment today so I might as well do what it says. I guess I will be talking to that guy from yesterday..."she looked up at the ceiling and frowned. "I didn't even get his name and have no idea if I will see him today. Ah well, if the horoscope for today is right then I should see him no problem."

Back to Normal

Her day started off as it always had with each class just continuing lessons from yesterday. Even her class that she had run into the boy was back to normal. It was as if he just chose to miss class that day or just had never existed. She sighed and began to doodle in her notebook, forgetting that she was supposed to be taking notes for the exam. Many of her drawings included cartoon like versions of herself saying something in a gibberish language. She didn't draw very well, but at least making the hair as curly as it was showed she was trying to portray herself. She was soon oblivious to anything happening in the class until someone tapped her on the shoulder.

Circe jumped and turned around. Everyone was already packing up and leaving the classroom so she immediately recognized him; it was the boy from yesterday.
"You alright there?" he asked curiously.
Circe nodded. "Yea, I'm fine. Just a bit distracted is all today."
The boy smiled and helped Circe pack up her bag.
"My name is Max."
The boy paused and looked up at Circe with a strange look on his face. "That has to be your nickname, right? I mean did your parents really name you that?"
"It's a nickname of mine from a game I used to play and it just stuck." She zipped up her bag and hung it on her shoulder. "Listen, do you mind walking with me outside? I feel bad about yesterday so the least I can do is treat you to lunch."
Max nodded. "I would like that, but I think I should pay, I did take your seat yesterday after all and without asking."

Giggling, Circe followed behind Max out of the class and outside. It had been raining earlier that day so most of the ground was still wet, leaving small puddles everywhere for the two to dodge. The campus cafeteria wasn't far from where they were so it only took a few minutes to reach the building and be greeted by the multiple smells of different restaurants.
"So where would you like to eat, Circe?" Max asked as he pulled out his wallet.
"Hmm...I'm thinking chicken today."
Max nodded and ordered two chicken sandwiches from one of the restaurants. As they sat down to eat, Circe began to feel uncomfortable about everything. Was the idea of following the horoscope a good idea was her main concern. She was quiet and didn't want to say anything, but knew she had to start some sort of conversation.

Does He Believe in Horoscopes

She finally figured out something to say. "Do you believe in daily horoscopes?" Circe asked, still putting her gaze on the table instead of Max. Max laughed. "That's a strange conversation starter, but yes I do believe in them. I mean my horoscope for today did say that I should try and make those angry yesterday become happy today. Well yesterday I saw you glaring at me and now we are sitting here eating lunch together today. I say that seems pretty positive outcome from advice through a horoscope."
Circe smiled.
"Mine told me to stay open minded or to reach out to people I've never talked to and today it told me to think about those I met yesterday. So yea, they are pretty good daily horoscopes."

The two continued talking and walking around campus with each other, not worrying about the rain or anyone else. The other day Circe would have never imagined to have made a new friend just because of following what her horoscope told her to do. Instead of ignoring what the it had to say she wanted to follow at least the advice because she knew even if it didn't come true it is still good advice to live her life by. An indecisive Libra, who had never believed in astrology and a Scorpio were now best friends because a horoscope for today had given them advice to live by for that day.