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Tomorrow's Cancer Horoscope

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Cancer Horoscope for Tomorrow

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Tomorrow's Accurate Horoscope for Cancer

Cancer, learning more about your characteristics and personality can help with the direction of your life.
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Zodiac horoscope sign image Zodiac horoscope sign image Zodiac horoscope sign image Zodiac horoscope sign image Zodiac horoscope sign image Zodiac horoscope sign image Zodiac horoscope sign image Zodiac horoscope sign image Zodiac horoscope sign image

The Water Sign

Cancer is a water sign. Its symbol is the crab. Those born between June 20th and July 21st are born under the sign of Cancer. Like those born under other water signs, Cancerians have fluid personalities. They aren't fixed and they don't object too strenuously to change. The difference is that in Cancer, the major portion of the fluidity concerns the emotions. Those born under this horoscope sign can be high strung even volatile. And yet, they can be loving, passionate and kind as well. Those born under Cancer tend to do things fiercely. Whatever they do, they do with a passion.
If you are a Cancer or want to know how to get along with one better, reading tomorrow's Cancer horoscope can help.
And  a detailed astrology report will go even deeper.

Cancer Horoscope Phases

While Aquarius flows with an easy calm, Cancer is like a turbulent river with many rapids. They can be hot tempered one minute and loving the next and friendly humor can be followed by biting sarcasm. It's not that those born under the horoscope sign of Cancer are particularly mean, it's just that their fluidity is centered around emotion. It can be up one minute and down the next. That's why getting along with a Cancer, or even being a Cancer, can be quite a ride. The Moon rules Cancer and just as the Moon goes through phases and moves erratically in comparison to the other heavenly bodies, the person born under Cancer tends to have a rather erratic life and will go through phases never knowing what tomorrow will bring.

Cancer and Imagination

One of Cancer's biggest assets is their imagination. It's colorful and very active. Best of all Cancers use imagination to solve today or tomorrow’s problems better than any other horoscope sign. They are also very good at coming up with new ideas that can change or even revolutionize the way things are done. They make great poets and artists as well. But, there is a downside. The very same imagination that can help a Cancer climb to new heights can also be misused and trigger jealousy, fear of imaginary consequences and can in some instances, drive the Cancer into depression or worse. While emotion can be the their greatest strength, it can also be his or her greatest weakness.

Like the crab, that is their astrological symbol, Cancers live in a shell. While they are highly emotional, they don’t always wear their emotions on their sleeves. It’s often difficult to see what’s going on inside. This is why Cancers are known for their bursts of emotions. These emotions seem to come out of nowhere, but are in reality always there, hidden under that shell. Then the day comes when the shell shifts and the emotion is revealed. This can be quite startling. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those born under Cancer are necessarily mean or evil. It’s just that when the emotion finally comes out, it can come out big.

A Conversation on Astrology

“Why should I care about what my astrological sign is?”

“Your sign tells you a lot about yourself and about your potential and potential character flaws.”

“Yea, but is it real? I mean I read those horoscopes for today and tomorrow in newspapers and online all the time and it seems like they could apply to anybody. So what is astrology?”

“It’s a way of understanding the universe that began when people first noticed that there was a relationship between what went on in the heavens and what occurred on Earth. At first it was used for weather forecasting and agriculture. Over the centuries, it has been refined as the more subtle influences of the heavenly bodies on personality, actions and events has become understood.”

“How old is astrology?”

“It’s thousands of years old and its beginnings can be traced back to the ancient Sumerian Civilization.”

“Does astrology have anything to do with magic?”

“No. Astrology is more mathematical than magical.”

“So what does an astrologer do?”

“He or she prepares a chart centered on your birthday. The more accurate the information the better. For example, you will get a more precise report if you know the exact time of your birth.

“I’ve heard that you can prepare a chart on anything.”

“Well, not anything. But you can do an astrological chart for a business, a country, even a marriage, not just an individual.”

“Do horoscopes predict today, tomorrow and the future?”

“Astrology predicts probabilities and tendencies. No one can actually predict the future with total accuracy, as that would nullify free will.”

“Can I get a detailed astrological report online?”

“Yes you can. Have a look at your Cancer horoscope for tomorrow and at the astrology readings on offer”