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Taurus Characteristics

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Taurus Finances

Taurus worship money and the things it can buy. It is fortunate that your characteristics have the gifts of patience and endurance to pursue wealth until you get it. If this goal gets a firm hold on you, you may become greedy. You may develop a very materialistic outlook and place too high a value on money. The ideals which drive you are somehow linked with the factor of possession, even if you are an ordinary business man, striving to accumulate wealth, or a banker with thoughts and ideas mainly concerned with money. Sometimes you feel that you are being used by others, which may be the case, for you are usually good at financial matters and have the knack of accumulating assets. Many great bankers are born under this zodiac sign. You are generally upright and practical with regard to finance and will never refuse requests for financial help.

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Suitable Jobs

Taurus give great attention to detail, and are patient in their work. Suitable jobs for you are those requiring painstaking, unhurried effort. Routine management, industrial, technical and statistical work would suit your characteristics, also architecture. Creative work is always a part of the Taurus characteristics, but often you are not able to give it expression due to circumstances and environment. Given the opportunity, you may even make a lifework of some branch of the arts, to which you have always been inclined. Your urge to live in the country is very strong and, if you find your occupation there, well and good. You would make an excellent large scale farmer and successfully go in for fruit growing or livestock and poultry breeding. You are a great experimenter, particularly in growing things.

Should you, Taurus, have a partner in your work, it would not be wise for the other person to confront you suddenly with new ideas. They should, rather, carefully plant the seed in your mind, allowing you to accept the idea gradually. You usually come to regard it as your own and then put it into practice. Sometimes you might hold a subordinate position, but this does not lower your morale. You enjoy serving and are faithful to the end. You have the ability to earn money for others and are good at executive work. You are content to work for others if you enjoy what you are doing.

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Work and Career

Taurus can cope with most jobs, given the proper training. You are always methodical and may be slow at first; in your schooldays you do not pick up things quickly, but what you learn you do not readily forget. As a rule you are not outstandingly intelligent, but when it comes to shrewdness and tenacity in business you shine. Your natural characteristics makes you look for firm and reliable foundations in business and you like safe and well-tried methods in all dealings. You do not take chances and like to foresee every step of the way. In doing this you run the risk of getting into a rut if you are not careful. You make a good administrator and can easily keep order and discipline. You are able to control others through your self-control and inflexibility of purpose. You do not yield readily to opposition in your work and once you have made a decision you are hard to budge.

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Health and Well Being

Taurus your health is naturally robust and you seem at times to have almost superhuman strength and energy. Often you are less sensitive to pain than many people and can stand up to stress and strain better than most. You do not like to admit a physical disability and are not at all happy when illness comes your way. You regard it as showing weakness and would rather suffer as long as you can before having to admit it. Your characteristics mean recovery is generally slow, for your recuperative powers are not strong. In appearance you tend to be solidly built and stocky. Men generally have tremendous strength, with big shoulders and plenty of muscle.

Women born under the Taurus sign are very often pretty and like to dress well, but they frequently tend to put on weight later in life. The same applies to the male, but he usually becomes thickset, rather than flabby. Both sexes generally have clear complexions; their faces flush easily and their large bright eyes sparkle with health. Your throat is the part of your body most susceptible to illness, and it plays an important part in your makeup. You may have a fine singing voice; some of the world's best singers have been Taurus. You seem to get more colds than anyone else and should be careful of throat infections of any kind.

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Down to Earth Mind

Taurus, you are loyal and trustworthy and, on the whole, easy to get along with. You admire success and are ready to support it, but dislike misery and instinctively draw away from it. You are ambitious and once you set your heart on something you can be very industrious and capable of concentrated effort. Your whole nature is uncomplicated and everything you do and say is straightforward and natural. You are slightly skeptical of anything that is sophisticated and you like to see things clearly and have all the relevant details at your fingertips. You characteristically have a very down to earth mind, and jumping to conclusions is not your strong point. When you have given an opinion, one can depend upon it to be unbiased and honest.

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Taurus Character Traits

Your innate Taurus characteristic is somewhat stolid, outwardly placid and conservative. You are a plodder to the utmost degree. Anything you do is deliberate and well thought out beforehand. You will bide your time until you feel it is wise to act, and mostly it is. You like comfort and ease and will work hard to get them. Material possessions give you confidence, for you are generally timid and may suffer from an inferiority complex. Once you realize that you have great strength of character you will lose this. You are inclined to feel that others are constantly measuring you by what you have.

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Material Status

In your youth you are cautious with money and should beware of hoarding it. Once you have made your fortune you spend more freely. You do not usually live up to every penny of your income, but always like to keep a proportion in reserve. You do not take financial risks, or squander your money unnecessarily, and there are times when you can be very lucky. You, Taurus, are characteristically suited to gambling and you often win, for you have steady nerves, great perseverance and can easily put on a “poker face” when necessary. Material status is the end for which you work, and it is the standard by which you measure your success. The best paid jobs attract you, particularly in the luxury trades, for you like all that makes life easy and like to enjoy it to the full. It is possible for any Taurus who has the necessary strength of character to accomplish much and to rise to the top of his profession.