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Scorpio Characteristics

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Scorpio Finances

You, Scorpio, are lucky where money is concerned. Somewhere, somehow, you are always able to find it for whatever you want. Money is one of your chief goals in life and it is likely that you will eventually have a substantial income. It is the same with anything you think necessary, money, a car, a business, a family. Once your mind becomes set on a goal, you will pursue it relentlessly till you reach it. You waste no time in getting what you want and your achievements will be considerable. Your characteristics shoe that you are as shrewd in handling money as you are in seeing through other people and detecting their motives. You need to be careful of what money you make and not spend it foolishly, as you are generally a liberal spender.

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Scorpio Success

The desire to explore the unknown is strong in Scorpio. You will work tirelessly in the medical field and are well fitted to carry out research. You are successful because you test everything precisely, keenly and without prejudice. Scorpios make excellent scientists, doctors and lawyers. They also excel as detectives and investigators of all kinds. Your characteristics bring emotions into play as you come into contact with others. These can range from worship to hatred, but never indifference. You will work on and get results long after others have given up. If you head any project, others will accept your inflexible leadership and, though you may be hated, you will always be obeyed.

Work carried out under Scorpio’s direction will always be well done, never second rate. In many ways you are a prolific and prodigious worker. You have great powers of concentration and are very efficient. There is often a streak of genius in your character and you are extremely resourceful. In any job you take on you never compromise or take the middle path, for you are capable or the highest and finest. You can handle any emergency and never admit defeat. You do nothing by halves and, having selected your course in life, pursue it relentlessly. You have powers of leadership and as an employer you demand the maximum effort.

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Work and Career Possibilities

Scorpios make an industrious worker and always make a point of doing their job thoroughly. You have plenty of drive and are extremely temperamental in your work, which affects your output. You dislike physical labor, but are bent on achievement. You realize that you can help yourself through your work and are often very successful. You usually have great ability, are highly accomplished and work with tireless energy. You are ambitious and progressive and are hardly ever found without work. In the intellectual field you are able to grasp and master any subject. You often take on jobs that others avoid, through sheer will power and the desire to make a success of them. You never give up and do not like things to get the better of you. Usually you succeed through thorough, systematic and capable work. You are not entirely selfish in your work and will work for others often thanklessly, for in doing so you often invite quarrels and criticism.

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Health and Well Being

You have a strong healthy body and certainly never pamper yourself. You move with effortless power and work with great energy. Scorpios are good at sports and revel in all forms of strenuous exercise. You dislike giving in to sickness and have great powers of endurance. Your stamina and constitution enable you to stand up to great strain, and sheer will power often pulls you through any illness. Only when you are very ill do you give in. At this time you must temper your violent passions or they will have a serious effect. Your intense nature renders you liable to breakdowns of all kinds. Sometimes your characteristics are unable to let you rest or relax, but you can bear up to pressure when it is on. You seem old in youth and youthful in old age.

Both Scorpio men and women are likely to be sturdy and thickset, with large bones. The male usually has a dark complexion with a protruding jaw and determined mouth. The eyebrows may be bushy and the eyes deep set and cold. Women tend to be voluptuous, husky voiced with oval faces, full mouths, possessing a beauty all their own. Your physical weaknesses are located in your digestive system, and you are prone to disregard minor disturbances until they become major illnesses. You are liable to catch infection easily, and any poison entering your system will weaken your constitution considerably.

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Quick Temper

Scorpios character can be contrary and contradictory, showing opposition even to what they believe is right, if it suits their mood of the moment. Scorpio, you like to have things run in your own way, and you have an unswerving devotion to your principles. You understand life, its difficulties and problems, and are capable of deep sympathy and true empathy. With all your superior knowledge you seldom take the easy way to accomplish things. You nearly always end up in an argument or strife of some sort, for you have a hot temper when aroused and provoke bitter dislikes and hatreds.

Although Scorpios you have a quick temper and sharp tongue, their angry outbursts do not last long. Your speech is plain, blunt and sarcastic. You are very direct about most things, although you can be secretive in others. Your love of power is obvious and you will hit hard and fearlessly to get it. Your usual habit is to lay most of your cards on the table, but you like to keep one item of importance undisclosed. You will not hesitate to discard old habits, methods or acquaintances for the new and dramatic. Often these changes are drastic and surprising, and your characteristics may help you achieve brilliancy in bringing them about.

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Scorpio Character Traits

In your character we find the qualities that soldiers are made of. To Scorpio, life is a battle and those who oppose them must somehow be overcome. In doing this you are shrewd and crafty and usually get good results. You have great strength and energy and have an almost inhuman insensibility towards the natural feelings and reactions of others. According to your mood, all you can offer to the pain of others is biting sarcasm and scorn, or else an uneasy disconcerting silence. It is very difficult for you to offer a few kind words of comfort and you seem to retire into yourself.

The puzzle to all who try to understand Scorpio characteristics is the combination of violent qualities and a fine constructive mind. You have a far from shallow intellect and sometimes your thoughts are too deep to be expressed. Part of your existence seems to be spent in a world of your own making. You are philosophical, and the secrets of life and death and all that is unknown fascinate you. Your wits are sharp and you generally remain calm and forceful under stress. You must have a constructive outlet for your energy, as you are not content to do things by half measures.

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