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Leo Characteristics

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Leo Work and Success

Pride plays a large part in Leo’s work ethic, for they cannot bear to fail. You attack your work with the intention of succeeding. You never become pigeonholed, but naturally work up to the head of any organization to deal with large issues and leave drudgery and detail to others. Leo’s characteristics are best suited to work where they have sole authority. You will do well in executive positions, for you have a natural command of any situation. You have the ability to give orders and you speak frankly and criticize freely, often to the point of giving offence. You simply cannot see any reason for withholding frank opinion, whether good or bad. Although you run the risk of being overcritical, people working for you always respect you, do their work willingly, and really make an effort to please and serve you. Leo, your natural instinct is to seek the highest honors, the best job and the first place in everything. Very often it is rightfully yours, for you have a fine intellect and understand human problems. You are not the type of person who has to plod ahead in search of knowledge.

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Bearings and Features

You love life and living more than anyone else, and should take special precautions against accidents and control all rash inclinations. Leo women are often very attractive, with ample poise and vitality. Both sexes usually have a gracious bearing and good features, neither too large nor too small, with beautiful eyes. The figure is usually finely modeled and the whole demeanor gives the impression of good breeding. Many other zodiac signs lack the fine features of the nobler Leo and may have a heavy fleshy figure. You will probably be vigorous through old age, for your will to live seems to prolong life. To increase your chances for longevity you should be careful of over indulgence in eating and drinking.

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Health and Fitness

Your physique is generally sturdy and robust, and it needs to be, to stand the strains of the Leo characteristics and temperament. You are inclined to overwork and take on jobs that are beyond your capacity. If there is a streak of dissipation in your nature you may not take any notice of warnings and end up by having a nervous breakdown. Leo people are naturally energetic and they do have a tendency to be rather extreme about things. You should take care of your heart and spine as they will most likely have to bear the brunt of any unrestraint. You are susceptible to heart disease, epilepsy and rheumatic fever. Your constitution is pretty strong, however, and you recover quickly from any illness. Whenever you do become ill you may be a poor patient, for your character traits show impatience and you want to be up and about before it is sensible to do so. Your courage is mental rather than physical. You will stand up for your principles against any odds, but in the face of physical danger you make a great effort to get over your fear.

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Dramatic Talents

There is no doubt about Leo’s dramatic talents, for you are a born actor and showman. There is also a poetic side to your character. You love beauty and splendor and any form of display. Others soon realize that you are susceptible to flattery, and even when they “lay it on thick” you only think it your fair share, for you have a pretty good opinion of yourself. These characteristics do not mean you are vain, it reveals your consciousness of your own superiority. At the same time, you resent people persistently asking you for something; in fact you openly dislike their making any demand upon you. Leo, you like to map out your own life irrespective of others. You may become frustrated waiting for other people to make a move, for you are to a certain extent dependent on what they do.

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Leo’s Character Traits

Leo is the zodiac sign of sports, entertainment and every kind of pleasure. Everything connected with Leo’s characteristics are large, fulsome and generous. By nature you are authoritative, regal and commanding. You want to be at the head of things, to become the boss, for you sense your importance as a leader and feel that you have exceptional organizing powers and ingenuity. This is correct, and you are certainly constructive and inventive. You are frank, broad minded and just. At the same time, you have fixed ideas and can be dogmatic about them. You are usually highly strung and may have a quick temper on occasion, but on the whole you have a fairly placid character and your bad moods rarely last for long.

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Responsibility and Authority

Your love and understanding of people’s character and life are instinctive and your natural leadership arises from your earnest wish to communicate it. You have a deep sense of responsibility toward what you do, but are not happy taking orders from anyone else. Again and again you will revolt against another's authority, especially when you think injustice is being done. You may rise to the presidency of an industrial concern or a bank. You work well where you meet the public and shine particularly in politics, for here there are many opportunities to exercise control. Usually, Leo, you are artistic and creative and the theater may prove a good choice, as you may find close contact with an audience satisfying. There are also openings for a person like you in the contact and sales branches of advertising. Whatever profession you choose will have to be dominant, original and sensational. Public relations or publicity would suit your characteristics perfectly.

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Speculation and Finances

Leo, you are characteristically a lavish spender, although poverty frightens you. If hard times come you can usually bear them and staunchly stand by your family. You are not a spendthrift, but you want money and have the intelligence and drive to get it. You often make your fortune early in life, and your earnings are usually large, so there is always money available for you to play with. The Leo character may have a weakness for gambling and speculations, but they usually result in substantial profits for them. You could never refuse financial assistance if you felt it was really warranted, and like to give expensive presents. Nothing pleases you more than to see others grateful for the gifts you buy them. You are always looking for ways to increase your prestige in their eyes. It is a comfort to you to know that others look to you for security. Making a great show of wealth bolsters your pride. However, you should take care that your extravagances do not get out of hand.