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Gemini Characteristics

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You, Gemini, hate to concentrate on one job only and rarely stay in the first one you take. You often change three, four or five times, but when you eventually decide on something you will stick to it and try to make it as many sided as possible. If you find your work dull or routine, you will feel dispirited and unhappy. As you are constantly gathering knowledge and information, your innate characteristics make you capable of doing most things, which earns you the name of “jack-of-all-trades.” You like everything to be modern and believe in speed. You usually choose some well-paid business, for you are not the long suffering type who works for nothing. You may be called mercenary, as you rate yourself very highly and demand just compensation for your efforts.

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Gemini’s Financial Inclinations

Your changes of interest keep you buying and spending, but on the whole security is the keynote to most of your monetary transactions. Your Gemini characteristics enable you to accomplish a great deal once you discipline yourself to a planned program of economy and saving. You are always on the lookout for new ways of increasing your income, whether it is a new side line, a better paying job, a new contract, or higher pay for overtime. Sometimes you may be exposed to financial temptation, and it is better for the weaker Gemini to steer clear of jobs as cashiers and treasurers. There is less chance of being tempted and getting involved in any money troubles of that kind.

Gemini people benefit from the support of influential contacts and money is most likely to come to them through the help of these contacts. Your tastes are generally modest, but they can vary to the expensive, according to your friends and feelings. You are not stingy and cheerfully meet costs. While it is important for your character to be emotionally or mentally receptive to change, often it is better for you to be relatively conservative. Sometimes you get carried away by a current interest and your bank balance may suffer. Money may not pour in for you, but your earnings and income are generally regular and dependable.

Gemini’s are also suited to trades where great delicacy and dexterity are essential. They make fine surgeons, dentists and engineers, and are adapted to radio mechanics, or aeronautics, for this character is air minded. They are also mathematically inclined and make good accountants. You are loyal to your employer but prefer to work in your own way without advice or criticism. You love travel and movement and are fond of changing employment as well as scene, but when you travel it is not so much to enjoy the beauties and culture of other countries, but simply for the sake of moving.

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Industrious and Active Gemini

Characteristically Gemini are active and industrious people and like interesting and varied work. You are best suited to a job that makes full use of your intellectual leanings. You are naturally inquisitive and like talking. You have a sense of humor and an easy manner. You are a fine speaker and would be happy in any work that brings you into contact with the public. People born under the Gemini sign make good agents, brokers, merchants, secretaries and lawyers. You are always on the alert for the better half of a bargain, and make an excellent salesman. You can play with facts cleverly, and your character traits and gift of criticism would make you an efficient journalist and critic. You have a talent for writing of any sort, as long as it provides you with means of expressing your own thoughts in your own way.

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Health Characteristics of Gemini

Your body is as active as your mind. A sure way of undermining health is by worry and nervous energy. Gemini, your characters weak points, physically, are the nervous system and lungs, and you may suffer from colds, influenza, and pleurisy. Health generally is good, but you may display the characteristics of being delicate, which is usually not so. If people get this impression it may be because of your nervousness and thin physique. You seldom contract illnesses, although the reverse may be the case when you are under strain. You are too restless and your nerves will suffer if you are energetic in too many directions, so it is wise not to overtax them. Your mind is always alert and you may find it difficult to sleep, but it is important that you get adequate rest. Relaxation and plenty of sleep should be part of your daily routine. Gemini people are often good looking, with small, neat features. They usually have an animated expression which indicates intelligence. They are usually slender, with a nervous and impatient manner. Their moods are likely to change very quickly and they may become bored doing one thing and want to try something else.

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Your Thirst For Knowledge

Gemini, you have everything, intellectually speaking, and if you do study you gain enormously. Your character has a talent for languages, you love books and learning and your thirst for knowledge leads you to read a great deal. You learn easily and may be able to talk about many things, but often what you read does not sink in. Sometimes things appear very clear to you, when you may, in fact, be wrong. You may prefer to sidestep the truth and enjoy a good joke instead. As a rule you are not willing to believe what you have not seen but, once you have seen it, you can tell everybody else about it and enjoy doing it. You are open-minded about most things and it is likely that your viewpoint will be reasonable. You are always ready to listen and understand the other person's outlook.

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Gemini Character Traits

Gemini characteristics are pre-eminently based on the sign of the concrete mind that deals with facts and figures rather than with ideas and experiments. You rarely do anything without a purpose, and your ambition is restless rather than fanatical. You are alert and quick on the uptake, and you are always on the lookout for fresh ideas and interests. You are versatile and adaptable, although you are likely to take on two things at once. You sometimes tend to spread your energies over a wide field instead of finishing off one thing at a time. Having “too many irons in the fire” makes it difficult for you to concentrate, so many projects and enterprises that you take on go unfinished. Once you get over this, you are able to make the most of your fine intellectual powers. Your range of thought is very wide, although you lack mental concentration. You may achieve this as you get older, but it does not come naturally.

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