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My Journey as a Taurus

My friend told me about this site where I could go and have a daily horoscope reading. I went and I learned some very valuable things about my life. I not only learned things about my life, I learned things about me that I never wanted to hear from anyone. In fact, if someone were to tell me these things about myself, I would probably disown them or not be their friends anymore. The first thing I learned about as being a Taurus was some of the weaknesses I had. As a construction worker, when somebody talks about being weak, this is definitely not me.

Below Are Some of the Weaknesses I Have As Being a Taurus

 Self Indulging






Free Taurus Horoscope Today

Today’s Accurate Horoscope for Taurus - (Apr 21 - May 21)

You're a loving, strong and a reliable hard worker. You love anything beautiful and can tend to be a bit materialistic. Although you're not looking to lead you like to do things your own way. You can also have a stubborn streak at times as well as become lazy, possessive and self-indulgent. Free Taurus daily horoscope readings would be great in helping you deal with and better prepare for the changes in life along with understanding the actions of others so you won't take things so personally.

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Free Taurus Daily Horoscope Today

Taurus horoscope zodiac pictureTaurus horoscope zodiac pictureTaurus horoscope zodiac pictureTaurus horoscope zodiac pictureTaurus horoscope zodiac pictureTaurus horoscope zodiac pictureTaurus horoscope zodiac pictureTaurus horoscope zodiac pictureTaurus horoscope zodiac pictureTaurus horoscope zodiac picture

Taurus Horoscope Today and Every Day

I'm a Taurus, my name's John, and this is how daily horoscope readings have helped me. I'm not new to zodiac signs or astrology, in fact - off and on throughout my life I've heard about the different signs and how some are compatible with others and some aren't.
However, even though I knew this much, I never believed having a horoscope reading could actually change a person's life. It's important to understand that I'm a construction worker and I work with a lot of hard guys that don't believe in many things except hard work, friends determination, and hard partying. Talking about astrology or horoscope readings is not something you want to do at the work site. However, this is how I learned about it. I was complaining to a friend about some of the things that were going on in my life, and he asked me if I've ever read the free  horoscope today. I told him I hadn't, and this was the beginning of my journey.

Honestly, after I got my free Taurus horoscope reading and I learned about these different things, I began to look back on my life and find exact instances where all of these different weaknesses have controlled me and led me to places I never wanted to go. Self-centered, that's me. I always think about me. This is probably one of the most important awakenings I could ever have. I also found something else. I found out that there are other things about being a Taurus that are quite unique. The things I'm talking about are some of the strengths I have as a Taurus.







You see, I didn't know any of the different strengths I had or even how they could be used. By getting my horoscope read on a daily basis, I now have a better understanding of who I am and what I am capable of. I do have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but after learning many of these powerful teachings about myself, I have been able to use this information in making important choices in my life today.

I don't know about you, but having a free Taurus horoscope today reading has changed the way I think about my life. And because of this change, I've been able to change my direction as well, and this is helping me become a better person, a better husband, and a better construction worker overall.

Yesterday’s Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Astrologically Accurate Horoscope

Image of an astrological horoscope symbolImage of an astrological horoscope symbolImage of an astrological horoscope symbolImage of an astrological horoscope symbolImage of an astrological horoscope symbolImage of an astrological horoscope symbol

Historical Beginnings and Accuracy of
Taurus Horoscopes

The large Taurus constellation being used to symbolize a bull was a shared practice between Egyptian, Greek and Babylonian cultures. This winter constellation has Aries situated to its west and Gemini at its east. Marking the spring equinox, Taurus was the first constellation in Babylon's zodiac. In Mesopotamia Taurus was referred to as the Bull of Heaven and was associated with the Sumerian goddess, Inanna who controlled matters regarding warfare, fertility and sexual love. In Mesopotamia’s “Epic of Gilgamesh”, Taurus was sent by the goddess Ishtar to kill Gilgamesh on account of his spurning her advances.

The Egyptians regarded the Taurus constellation as representing spring's symbolic renewal of life brought about by a perceived 'sacrifice' as its western position in the sky was covered by the Sun at the start of spring. In Greek mythology however, Taurus was a symbol of Zeus who took the shape of a huge white bull when he abducted the Phoenician princess, Europa. Along with this, it was explained that only the front portion of the bull was depicted by the constellation because it refers to when he took the princess out to sea.

Another Greek myth holds Taurus as one of Zeus' mistresses, Lo, whom he transformed into a heifer to disguise her from Hera, his wife. A third Greek myth associates Taurus with the Cretan Bull, from among Heracles “Twelve Labors”. Druids worshipped Taurus with a religious festival that took place when the sun was passing through it. And according to Buddhist legend, Gautama Buddha was born during the time when the full moon had been passing through Taurus, a time now when they celebrate Buddha's birthday with the Wesak Festival.

Taurus, learning more about your characteristics and personality can help with the direction of your life.
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