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Free Scorpio Horoscope Today

Today’s Accurate Horoscope for Scorpio - (Oct 24 - Nov 22)

You may seem rather cool on the surface but you're emotionally intense, passionate and determined. You like to lead and you're good at it, being observant, aware and resourceful.
However, you can suffer from being too obsessive, suspicious, jealous, manipulative and unyielding. Getting a free Scorpio daily horoscope reading can help you avoid unnecessary suspicions that could ruin relationships and/or opportunities as well as let you know when to not get overly obsessed or stubborn about something.

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Free Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today

Scorpio horoscope zodiac pictureScorpio horoscope zodiac pictureScorpio horoscope zodiac pictureScorpio horoscope zodiac pictureScorpio horoscope zodiac pictureScorpio horoscope zodiac pictureScorpio horoscope zodiac pictureScorpio horoscope zodiac pictureScorpio horoscope zodiac pictureScorpio horoscope zodiac picture

A Dynamic Scorpio Reveals Depth and Passion

Free horoscope today readings are all meant to do two things and two things only, help to guide you and help you make sense of your life. Before I had my horoscope reading I thought I was cursed with being able to see right through people and understand what they truly wanted for me even before they said it.
My name is Andrea and I was born on November 3. According to the zodiac signs, I am a Scorpio. If there is one thing for sure, I truly believe that I am, and I truly believe in what the astrology charts talk about in terms of my life, and my life direction. I wasn't always a believer when it came to astrology, zodiac signs, or horoscopes. In fact, the zodiac sign was probably the only thing I related to the month in which I was born.
Well, to tell the truth, after having a daily Scorpio horoscope reading, I've changed a lot of my views about my personal life, business, and my relationships because I understand who I am and a little bit more about my purpose in life.
Below I'm going to share with you a little bit about me as a Scorpio, and how I feel about discovering more of what a horoscope is like.

Understanding Astrology and a Scorpio

Scorpio’s will share a number of similarities with each other all based on the month they were born. This is something that I did not understand about daily horoscopes and the zodiac signs.
In fact, I did not understand the importance of being born on a certain day, at a certain time. I didn't understand how when planets are aligned in a certain way, or the importance of a specific year, how these things would determine my feelings, my ability to make decisions, and my ability to grow.

You see, everything has a beginning and an end. Stars and planets are aligned in a certain corresponding nature that repeats itself over time. During these time periods, certain things happen in a predetermined fashion. Because of all of these different aspects, astrologists are able to pinpoint certain similarities and conditions in your life that can actually be foretold. By having a horoscope reading, I was able to see how certain things in my daily life have unfolded in a way that had already been predetermined.

Passionate and Resourceful, Manipulative and Suspicious

These different things happen at certain times because each person is a certain way.
After having my horoscope read I understood that I do have certain characteristics that are shared with a number of other Scorpios born on the same month. Because of these characteristics, when the certain time periods take place, we act a certain way which produces similar results. Because of these results astrologists have been able to put together a reading that helps us understand this more, and allows us to take an easier path through our lives by making certain right choices.
For instance, these choices have brought me here today to explain why daily horoscope readings are extremely helpful.

The bottom line is, although I do share some of things like being loyal, passionate, resourceful, observant, and dynamic, I also share other things such as being unyielding, manipulative, suspicious, obsessive, and sometimes extremely jealous. These are all things that I share with other Scorpios that are born within the same timeframe that classifies us as such. That being said, this has opened my eyes to a lot more than I had bargained for. I not only use the information that I've received through free Scorpio horoscopes today I have also been taught to help guide my life, but I also use it to help make sense of my life.
If this is something that interests you, you may decide to do the same.

Scorpio horoscope zodiac picture

Yesterday’s Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Astrologically Accurate Horoscope

Image of an astrological horoscope symbolImage of an astrological horoscope symbolImage of an astrological horoscope symbolImage of an astrological horoscope symbolImage of an astrological horoscope symbolImage of an astrological horoscope symbol

Historical Beginnings and Accuracy of
Scorpio Horoscopes

The large Scorpio constellation is situated between the western lying Libra and eastern lying Sagittarius. Three Greek myths associated this constellation with the scorpion.  

1. One myth explains that when Orion boasted that he would kill all the earth's animals, Leto and her daughter Artemis, a hunter herself but one who also protected animals, sent a scorpion to stop Orion. The scorpion killed Orion in a battle that managed to catch the attention of Zeus who placed the scorpion in the heavens afterwards. Then at Artemis' request in order to remind humans to control their pride, Zeus also put Orion in the heavens.

2. A second myth involved a superior Orion having flattered Artemis by saying she was better than him which resulted in her taking a liking to him. Artemis' twin brother, the god Apollo became angry and had a scorpion kill Orion. Artemis then requested that Zeus place Orion in the sky. From then on Orion hunts among the winter stars but flees at the coming of the Scorpio constellation.

3. The third Greek myth is when Helios' mortal son, Phaeton asked his father to let him drive his Sun Chariot for a single day. Helios tried to discourage him but Phaeton was determined. On the appointed day however, panic struck Phaeton and he lost control of the chariot's white horses. When Phaeton ascended into the sky the world was chilled, but then he was attacked by a the celestial scorpion and in his alarm he drew the chariot too close to the earth, burning the vegetation and accidentally turning Africa into desert and blackening the skin of the Ethiopians. To stop the chaos Zeus struck the runaway chariot but Phaeton was sent plunging into the River Eridanos as a result.

Scorpio, learning more about your characteristics and personality can help with the direction of your life.
Take advantage of all the resources that stars and planets offer you - Free Astrology Reports