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Understand Yourself Better

Reading free horoscopes online today will help you to understand yourself better by learning how to work through situations when good things come to you and how to react to the bad situations that befall you. To know what is ahead of you and to understand yourself through your online horoscope readings is to take advantage of your life's direction and make it what you want to make out of it.

Aries Online Horoscope Today

Everyone has their own ideas about what constitutes 'happiness'. Ask anyone what would make them truly happy and you'll hear, more often than not, large sums of money in a bank account, career satisfaction or being head over heels in love will be top answers. This month’s free horoscope, the cosmos intends to help you address what would make you happy. Once you've made your list, prepare to find yourself moving toward achieving what have been, so far, deeply-held wishes.

Cancer Online Horoscope Today

What is the meaning of life? I'm not asking that you ponder a certain Monty Python film or give too much thought to such a deep question. We weren't put on this planet to worry. Neither were we put here to cause global conflict, pain or suffering. We exist to appreciate the invaluable gift that life is and help others experience joy in their worlds. Put like that, it sounds a tall order but this month’s free horoscope, you can do so much to fill your world - and others' worlds - with love and warmth.

Gemini Online Horoscope Today

Christopher Columbus experienced much frustration when he tried to convince certain people that the world was round. His theory was dismissed because it raised uncomfortable questions where people's beliefs about the world being flat were concerned. This month’s free horoscope, you can put a fresh slant on an old, tired perspective. It's time certain people had faith in the fact that you're right about something they ought to be more receptive toward and not so quick to dismiss!

Leo Online Horoscope Today

When's the last time you heard someone tell you that you had 'potential'? Potential, until it is realized, is like being a penny short in a telephone box. This month’s free horoscope, you've a chance to make something close to your heart happen. As the month gets underway, you're likely to be aware of how far short you are of achieving this. As Venus works her way through your sign though, you will become increasingly aware of how able you are to fulfill a cherished ambition.

Libra Online Horoscope Today

Like your good self, John Lennon was a Libran. He knew how a thing or two about harnessing help available from friends and why peace was a far better option to alternatives. This month’s free horoscope, the sky speaks clearly of you recognizing how much a certain person in your world has to offer you. It also speaks, coincidentally, of you recognizing why offering a proverbial olive branch to a certain person is preferable to sustaining tension. A new chapter between you and someone else begins.

Virgo Online Horoscope Today

People talk about 'wasting time'. Despite what we think, our every waking hour brings with it something we've learned even if it's not obvious to us. An issue exists regarding how effectively your time is being spent. Are you investing it in something or someone unwisely? Might you choose to say nothing through fear of hurting someone's feelings? September’s free horoscope brings a development that will ensure your time is better spent and this will bring reassurance and relief.
How many times have you said to yourself, “If I only know what tomorrow was going to bring.” All too often we are faced with the fact that tomorrow will come and we are left clueless as to what to expect. Knowing what the future holds in-store for us has always been a fascinating wonder to each and every one of us.

Pisces Online Horoscope Today

We're told that 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'. Sometimes, separation and distance allow us to focus on our true needs and desires. Creative people know this to be true. They often remove themselves from their creation for period of time in order to gain fresh perspective. This month’s free horoscope, fresh perspective on an ongoing issue is what's on offer. The sky's keen to help you find it by distancing you, physically, mentally or both, from something you need time apart from.

Sagittarius Online Horoscope Today

If negative people see a half-filled glass as 'half empty', positive people view it as 'half-full', what does a Sagittarian think? I think you see a half filled glass as an opportunity to fill it in order to increase its perceived value! This month’s free horoscope, you have a fantastic opportunity to boost both your bank balance and credibility in some way. You can invest faith in the fact that the positive process begun recently has no intention of ceasing yet. More money, love and affection are coming.

Scorpio Online Horoscope Today

When we watch a film for the umpteenth time, we always notice things in it we didn't see before. As much as we wish we could alert the hero or heroine to problems they're about to encounter, we've no choice but to let them encounter them for themselves. This month’s free horoscope, resist the urge to protect a certain person. Problems they encounter will be overcome and a happy ending can be had through you knowing you didn't interfere with a process that ultimately helped them.

Taurus Online Horoscope Today

Many people believe in 'karma'. Most of us don't feel the need to delve deeply into discovering what it is or how it works. Instead, we adopt faith in the fact that 'what comes around, goes around' and if we find ourselves to be recipients of unfairness, then the situation will be righted eventually. This month’s free horoscope, the sky has plans to redress more than one unfair imbalance in your world. Where you've lacked recognition or reward, chances are, both are coming.

Capricorn Online Horoscope Today

Many of us have experienced the frustration of sitting in a jet plane waiting for takeoff only to be informed by the pilot that we must wait for clearance. We end up wondering why we just spent time moving slowly into place for takeoff when we'd have been better off staying where we were. That analogy sums up a situation that has been an issue for some time now. In September’s free horoscope, you not only begin moving but will also discover to your delight that a frustrating waiting period is over.

Aquarius Online Horoscope Today

Albert Einstein said, 'It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer'. We've all heard the saying about trying again when at first we don't succeed. Perhaps, that saying could be rephrased to say, 'if at first you don't succeed, try reading the instructions'. Recently, you've undergone a steep learning curve. This has brought its share of frustration. In September’s free horoscope, you discover where you've been 'going wrong' and gain much by discovering how to 'put it right'.