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Free Daily Horoscope Today

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Understanding Horoscope Signs and Readings

Want to find an alternative source of insight and advice for your life?
Free Daily Horoscope reports and readings may be just what you're looking for. Throughout our lives we're faced with decisions, surprises and uncertain outcomes over which we have only limited control. However, we can choose our best route through it all if we have the proper guidance provided by an accurate and reliable source.
Some people will find this kind of guidance, in the form of a free horoscope today reading, truly helpful.

A Free Horoscope Story

The sun hit his eyes in just the right way to stir him from his slumber. Todd had gotten used to letting nature wake him rather than relying on the loud intrusion of his alarm, though he still set the alarm just in case. He sat up slowly, still not quite fully awake, letting the covers slide away from his body. As his eyes were adjusting to the morning light pouring through his windows, he heard his coffee alarm ringing; it was officially time to start the day.

 Todd went downstairs to begin his usual morning ritual. He’d make breakfast, have his coffee and then he’d shower and get ready to head out into the world. While he ate breakfast he’d peruse news websites to glean what information he could find about current events. He didn’t subscribe to any newspapers, so the Internet was his daily news source. Several cups of coffee later he would shower and dress for work. The rest of the day would be up to his boss to determine.

After some morning stretching, Todd prepared his light breakfast. He sat at his computer reading the day’s news that came up. Flashing in the corner of his news web page was an advertisement for free daily horoscope readings. He’d never really been one for reading them, but the ad caught his eye. He decided that he’d check his, just to see what it would say. It couldn’t hurt to read it. He had some extra time anyway as the day wasn’t particularly newsy. He scrolled down the page after clicking the link to find his zodiac horoscope sign. “Be kind today and your kindness will be returned. Opportunities await your decisions.” He read the free horoscope quickly and thought on it for a moment. He was expecting something more specific, but he didn’t mind it being vague. That was probably how they reached a wide audience, he thought.

Daily Breakfast Diner

His morning routine went otherwise unbroken as he prepared for the day. In fact, the entire morning was going naturally until he stopped at his usual daily breakfast diner. Though he would cook his own breakfast, he left the desserts to the bakery inside the little diner. He’d tried his hand at making them, but hadn’t come up with a recipe that worked out well for him. Todd was looking out of the windows, thinking about the free daily horoscope he had read, as he waited in line to order when he spotted a man that appeared to be having car trouble. The man looked troubled and was wearing a business suit, not generally the type of clothing you’d want to be wearing while working on a car. After a moment of watching him pace back and forward looking at the vehicle, Todd decided that he would help the man. He stepped out of line and went outside to see what the problem was.

“Hi there, you seem to be having a bit of trouble. Is there anything I can help with?” he said as he came up to the car. Before the man could answer he knew at least part of the problem. One of the tires had gone completely flat. “Oh, hi there, it’s really just the tire. I could change it, but I don’t have any of the tools I need with me. The wife cleared out all of my ‘junk’ when she went shopping over the weekend, but she didn’t replace any of it. I’ll just have to wait for her to bring it over,” the man said to him. “Well, if it’ll be of any help, I have everything you need to change it. I can go grab it if it’ll save both of you some time,” Todd responded. The man looked up with an expression of gratitude. “Would you mind getting them for me? It would save her the trip across town. I’d really appreciate it as I’m already running a bit late, my horoscope today did not predict this.” Without a further word Todd rushed over to get the tools from his car and brought them over for the thankful gentleman to use.

horoscope zodiac picture horoscope zodiac picture horoscope zodiac picture horoscope zodiac picture

While the man worked on the tire, Todd took the opportunity to get back in line and grab the dessert he’d gone in for. He ordered an extra pastry and a cup of coffee for the man when it was his turn to order, grabbing a few sugars and cream on his way out. The man was just finishing up by the time he made it out with the desserts. “Here you are. I figured you could use this to perk up if your morning started like this,” Todd said, handing him the coffee and treat. “Thank you very much. I really could use a cup of coffee. I’m sorry I don’t have any cash on me to pay you back, but I come by this way daily. Maybe we’ll run into each other again, they say fate is in the hands of the stars” he said. Todd insisted that he not worry about paying him back. It was just what any kind person would do.

After they parted ways, Todd made his way in to work. His boss called him into the office as soon as he clocked in to introduce him to someone. “Hey, Todd, this is the new CEO of our company. He stopped by today to check over a few things,” the boss said while ushering him into the office. To Todd’s surprise, it was the gentleman he’d helped earlier. “No need for introductions, we’ve already met,” the CEO said with a light laugh. “He helped me out a bit earlier this morning.” Todd’s boss looked back and forward between them and smiled, obviously happy that his employee had made an impression on the new company leader. “It looks like I’ll get to pay you back after all, Todd,” the man said. “Whatever you’re paying him, there’d better be a bigger number the next time he gets a pay check.”

Todd couldn’t believe it. He’d been working towards a raise for a while, but he wasn’t expecting to get one for a few years now due to company cutbacks. He thanked the man profusely before heading out of the office. At his own desk, he was thinking about the raise when a sudden thought came to his mind. His kindness had certainly been repaid today. Perhaps he would check his free daily horoscope more often.

Aquarius Free Horoscope Today

There is nothing better than peace and serenity. It will be a period of great possibilities and opportunities. Situations calling for your action may be achieved now. And there is a better relationship with people around you. This year for the Aquarians is going to be demanding.
Aquarius, the Water Bearer is celebrated between January 20 and February 18.
Aquarians have strong, attractive personalities. They are often simple, unassuming, and goes about achieving any goal in a quiet, unorthodox manner.

Aries Free Horoscope Today

This can be a dynamic year for Aries people. The relationship between family and society is strengthened for the better. They will play a major role in helping out other people to improve relationships. However, for one instance in your life, you may be subjected to solitude in order to learn how to obtain more freedom and inner peace.
Aries, the Ram is celebrated between March 21 and April 19.

Arians are known to be ambitious, enthusiastic and impulsive. They love traveling and have lots of energy to surpass their dreams.

Cancer Free Horoscope Today

If you had misfortunes last year; this year will bring you more positive results. You will grow in all aspects leading to successful achievements of resolutions. You can show off your intelligence to the whole world. And there is a positive end to your professional and personal endeavors. Never regret what happened in the previous years. Instead, live for the present and look onwards to the future.
Cancer, the Crab is celebrated between June 21 and July 22.
Cancerians are loyal to those who appreciate, help and support their endeavors. They are homey people who will protect and cherish loved ones for life.

Capricorn Free Horoscope Today

You see a different perspective as this year progresses. You will learn to diversify your priorities. This period is going to be relaxing and rejuvenating. However, tolerance should be practiced and exercised. The year should also be peaceful and tranquil. And you tend to venture in social and charitable endeavors.
Capricorn, the Goat is celebrated between December 22 and January 19.
Capricorn's are highly intelligent people. They have a practical intellect, and strive for order and stability.

Gemini Free Horoscope Today

You will be able to achieve goals and dreams this year. There will be more opportunities received to improve your way of life. Some turmoil may happen anytime within the year; but this should not stop you from losing hope. Be more practical as it rewards you a hundred folds. You will have a better lifestyle in the coming year.
Gemini, the Twins are celebrated between May 21 and June 20.
Gemini’s can easily adapt to any situation. They remain balanced and will act positively towards every action.

Leo Free Horoscope Today

There will be a spontaneous flow of wonderful events this year. Many great deals may be reaped from the fruits you sowed last year. There can be uncertainties happening towards the middle months; but there is also balance for the entire year. Try to be very creative to let the whole world know about it. Follow your dreams and goals; and you can expect a bright future.
Leo, the Lion is celebrated between July 23 and August 22.
Leo's are naturally born leaders. They are usually high minded people, and tend to be very vocal about opinions.

Sagittarius Free Horoscope Today

You are going to unleash things sometime in your life. The challenges and trials experienced in previous years will be overcome. You become more optimistic; and this should provide security within yourself and all those around you. Towards the end of the year, you will slow down your life.
Sagittarius, the Centaur is celebrated between Nov 22 and Dec 21.
Sagittarians have a strongly positive outlook in life. They are versatile, adventurous and eager to explore new things.

Libra Free Horoscope Today

This year will make you see your long term goals and ideas come true. Your morality may have to be tested as time moves onwards. There will also be things to devoid your inspiration. But personal and financial necessities may be materialized. Always stay in touch with loved ones and friends. Good communication can be the key and the solution to your needs.
Libra, the Scales are celebrated between September 23 and October 22.
When you are a Libra, you surround yourself with beauty and harmony. You long to establish good relationship with others by staying friendly. However, you can be moody and unreasonable at times.

Pisces Free Horoscope Today

Your life is progressive this year. This will require more action and new adventures in life. You will establish a good relationship with popular people in society. You have an improved confidence to look up to ideals. Even if obstacles are encountered, this will enable you to overcome hardships.
Pisces, the Fish is celebrated between February 19 and March 20.
Pisces are unselfish, honest and trustworthy with a quiet disposition. They can be trusting but overcautious.

Taurus Free Horoscope Today

Life for Taurus people will seem harmonious. You can maximize your creativity to come up with a really good life. This will surpass peace and tranquility in your life. Your lifestyle is improved as you only get comforts in life. This will give you mostly pleasures and very good opportunities available. You also become independent to gain more freedom.
Taurus, the Bull is celebrated between April 20 and May 20.
Taurus people have strong determination and willpower. They can be practical as well.  They are obedient and great followers of their leaders. And they will remain always loyal to them.

Virgo Free Horoscope Today

There is a speedy pacing of endeavors coming this year. This will happen anytime within the next twelve months. An unexpected security threat is likely to happen. However, this will give better performance than in previous years. You tend to be materialistic in nature. But will also engage in spiritual or charity works for tranquility and peace of mind. Constructive actions can also be done during this period.
Virgo, the Virgin is celebrated between August 23 and September 22.

Virgoans are helpful and gentle to those in need. They have keen minds; you will be happy to talk with them. They can talk and talk about anything with ease and charm.

Scorpio Free Horoscope Today

The coming months will finish the works you have started in previous years. However, there may be harmful instances that will come your way. There will be great challenges experienced in your life. But never fret and you will remain relaxed and rejuvenated. At the end of the year, there is improvement in your creativity; and ambitions can materialize.
Scorpio, the Scorpion is celebrated between Oct 23 and Nov 21.
A Scorpion is often misunderstood. They can appear calm and quiet; but their anger can burst out like an erupting volcano. They have great will power, but are noted to be very sensitive.

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