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A True Horoscope Today Story

My friend Louise wears a necklace of a crab every day. I never really cared to ask her why, but one day I was curious enough to do it. She told me it represented her zodiac sign. My friend was born in late May and thinks that horoscopes are complete bullshit. She firmly believes that most daily horoscope sites are created to cater to the high level of emotional trauma faced by a lot of young people today and are not accurate. But still she stands by her decision to wear it. She doesn’t believe that fortunes can be determined by some computer program that runs semi-unique script each day to millions of people. Instead, she believes that we can change our fate based on how we interpret our fortunes; what’s important is whether or not we choose to let happiness or despair into our lives. We grow depending on whether or not we choose to believe that growth may be necessary. It has nothing to do with the actual fortunes. It has everything to do with the way you interact with them. At least, that’s what she believes. She may be right or she may be wrong, but either way, I’m still not sold on the true value of them.

To me, they’re just interesting little distractions from the real world where everything that happens does so for a reason, not because some horoscope prediction said that it would. But today, I’m feeling a little adventurous, like getting out of my comfort zone. Besides that, I have absolutely nothing to do. Since my accident, I’ve been out of work for a few weeks. Everything’s healed up now, but the company gave me a few extra days so that I can return to work at my peak.

For now, I’ll indulge myself in the silliness that is horoscopes. It takes minimal research to discover that my birthday of September 14th bears with it the zodiac symbol Virgo, the virgin. From there, it’s not hard to find a website that’ll give me a free “accurate” reading. The hard part is finding one that’s specific enough to be somewhat related to me although vague enough to cover a wide range of people and. Unsurprisingly, nearly every horoscope website I find tells me something completely different, a lot of them going so far as to contradict one another. I scoff and laugh at the majority of what I come across, though there is one, admittedly, that I take exception to.

“In an action film or a thriller, there are always elements of suspense and menace. The hero must escape something frightening, and usually there is a time component that puts pressure on the whole situation. Obviously this has been a profitable formula for many such movies, but it doesn’t work very well in one’s personal life. Someone is now putting pressure on you, or is threatening you in some way. This may be a romantic partner who is giving you an ultimatum, or it might be someone who is trying to convince you to do something through intimidation. Either way, don’t bow to the pressure because you won’t do your best. Do what you believe is right, and you will succeed.”

At first the comparison between my life and a movie didn’t seem very convincing. Then it went on to explain some type of ultimatum and I really started to doubt the legitimacy of the fortune. However, there remains to be something about the horoscope that sparks with me, something I can’t quite put my finger on, so I decide I’ll go ahead and watch for any signs that may emerge today.

One thing that is clear is that none of those things have any possibility of coming true so long as I stay holed up in my house. I’m able enough to get about on my own, so I’ll chance a visit to the city. I usually take the bus to work, so the environment is completely familiar to me. It’s roughly a twenty minute walk to get there and about another twenty minutes to get to the correct terminal. Add to that one more ten minute walk, and I’m at work.

Getting to the local terminal is the boring part. Absolutely nothing worth mentioning occurs from the time I step out of my door to the moment I’m amidst the crowd, waiting for the bus to loop around. There’s the typical chatter that you’d expect at a terminal, though considerably less than what I’m accustomed to – I attribute that to everyone’s being at work at this hour. And so I wait…and wait…and wait…and then it happens.

The sound of plastic banging hard against metal, but that precursor is followed by a much more terrifying sound. It’s the shrill shriek of a mother who’s lost the most important thing to her. I immediately turn to the direction of the noise. And there she is, on her knees and looking down on the tracks. I can only assume the worst, that her baby is right there, in danger of being crushed; and just as I’m about to sigh for relief that no train is incoming, we all feel the characteristic light of the vehicle flash upon us, then quickly disappear behind far-off pillars. We all know that there isn’t much time to save the child, but no one moves.

“God, no!” the mother cries out, stretching her arms to reach for the child.

There are always elements of suspense and menace. As the thought crosses my mind, the woman leaps down onto the tracks. She’s received with shrieks of disbelief.

There’s no way that the horoscope could be right, is there. My eyes widen, and I look at the people around me. They’re all just as confused about what to do as I am. No, they’re not confused. They’re looking at me. I’m the closest one to the tracks which means I have the greatest chance of saving her.

The hero must escape something frightening…

“Come on man, do something!” a voice yells at me. “Do you wanna be responsible for them dying?”

…someone is now putting pressure on you.

At this point, I can’t do anything but accept the fact that my horoscope was true, at least somewhat. But there’s one problem, something that’s really bothering me. He’s pressuring me all right, but to do the right thing? Why wouldn’t I save this woman? How could I allow myself not to? That would be the real injustice, letting the poor woman and her endangered child suffer.

I stop thinking. There’s nothing more to think about. I leap down onto the tracks as another beam of light flashes on us. It quickly fades, but returns just as quickly. The train is headed straight for us. But I won’t allow it to have its way, I can’t. Several other bystanders had rushed to the edge of the tracks when they saw me leap down. I didn’t count on it, but I’m glad they did. I lift the baby up first. The small crowd grabs it. Next, is the mother, who nearly lifts herself up without any assistance out of obsession with being reunited safely with her child. Lastly, I hoist myself off the tracks. The man who only moments ago angrily commanded that I save her gives me a smile and a nod. As for myself, I take in a breath of both relief and disbelief at what had just happened.

I think to all the theories Louise had crammed down my throat and realize that I may have to agree with some of the hype. Everything that happened today couldn’t have been sheer chance. My horoscope told me one thing - that I shouldn’t listen to the voice of pressure. But I did. In fact, it’s what ultimately motivated me to take action; and because of that action, a woman was saved today.

The train screeches to a stop, many yards ahead of where a tragedy could have transpired. I don’t stay around for the woman to thank me – though I doubt she would have anyway – instead heading straight home. I’ve done a good deed today. I made a choice that I can be proud of for years to come, and no amount of thanks from that woman could come close to competing with the sense of true fulfillment I now have.

horoscope zodiac picture horoscope zodiac picture

Free Accurate Horoscopes Today

True and Accurate Horoscope Readings

How could free accurate horoscope readings help me achieve success and happiness in my daily life?
True horoscope readings have helped many people in all areas of their lives, such as friendship, love, work and business. Of course, many people do not look to horoscope readings as being effective in terms of accuracy, more a generalization and a bit of fun. Zodiac astrology uses the horoscope sign of a person to ascertain what can happen on a particular day or at a given time! It has an accuracy rate of about 60%.

Most Accurate Free Horoscopes Today

Zodiac signs astrology is a branch of the science that attempts to predict events in the future and understand the past better so that we are able to improve the present. True astrological horoscopes can help you get to know your own and also any other persons character more accurately. You can understand all their ways, their dreams, their aspirations, even their karmic destiny! So put the valued knowledge to good use and bond better with people in all aspects of your own life and destiny. We will help you with the most accurate daily, weekly and monthly predictions.

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Aquarius Accurate Horoscope - Born To Be Different

These are pixilated, quixotic, edgy people who generally elicit the response “weird” from the other zodiacs! We are at the last domain of the whirlwind air element that started out with Gemini! Thus for the last time, a soul experiences the intense mental prowess, the writhing desire to be free and the propensity to dream impossible dreams.

One little piece of fact that our adorable phased out water bearers should know is that we are living in the true age of Aquarius- of new wisdom, understanding and breaking away of bondage! So it is much more likely that those crazy spells you experience of spiritual peregrination, will be tolerated more easily!

An Aquarius person is always in a world of its own. Not the search for Utopia that so enthralls a Sagittarius, but a world that defies precedent and which is created, loony bit by loony bit by the water bearer itself. No wonder they make such great scientists and visionaries. Actually they are born to be different. They seek idealism, an accurate and ideal world where they will be free from the shackles of mundane life! The house of Aquarius teaches the karmic lesson: Love is tolerance and that love is oneness!

Aries Accurate Horoscope - the Bundle of Energy

The infant Aries soul is completely self-absorbed. Its needs matter the most to it and when denied they can throw royal tantrums. They are however trusting and good and suspicion or deviousness is never a part of their spiritual make up. They have excellent compatibility with both parents. Aries vibrates to 9. The number of action! You will rarely find a quiet Aries who isn’t a bundle of energy!

Here we are. Right at the beginning and locking horns with the ram. Aries is the first sun sign of the cycle of 12 zodiacs and is the “baby” of the bunch. There is the wide spread acceptance of the myth that when a new soul is created, it is born on the earth as an Aries. It learns all that there is to learn and moves on to the next zodiac.
Thus each sign has a karmic mission and that of the Aries is “I am”. An Aries personality has to successfully learn that love is innocent, that love is trust and that love is truth.

Cancer Accurate Horoscope - a Little Unbalanced at Times

This is the fourth sign of the zodiac horoscope wheel- The crabby Cancer! In this incarnation the true soul is the symbolic adolescent. It again experiences the cautious feminine forces that made Taurus so deliberate and well, slow! But this time around the adolescent is no longer content with sitting and waiting for things to come or babbling away to attract attention. It wants the sensuousness of adulthood but is scared and apprehensive about taking the leap! Hence Cancer may seem a little unbalanced at times! Laughing away one moment and being a sour puss the other!
The truthful Sagittarius finds a comrade in a Cancer, but the earthy Taurus does not gel well. Neither does the Scorpion or the Lion as their mysterious and dominating natures do not attract the accurate Cancer.

Capricorn Accurate Horoscope - Wise and Knowing

This is the last time the soul experiences the grounded, measured governance of the earth element! The Capricorn which is symbolically represented by the horned goat is a powerful zodiac. It does not possess the vitriolic tongue of Scorpio or the blazing enthusiasm of Sagittarius. You won’t need to puzzle for hours to sort them out! Everything is lucidly clear and their motivation is always plain and simple- success! In your face, loud success that can be shouted from the rooftops!

After spending a lot of time on the physical plane through many incarnations, the Capricorn soul is wise and knowing. It is aware of the monster under the bed and yet it doesn’t show the hesitancy of Taurus. It knows that the world is less than truly perfect and yet it doesn’t feel the need to constantly complain and nitpick like the virgin.

A goat is at peace and reconciled to the vagaries of the world! It is focused and unswerving in its pursuit of its goals. The Capricorn soul says I USE. The stress is on gathering the grey of experience and wisdom. After all from them comes true knowledge, not just an assortment of facts. The karmic lesson is to learn that love is wisdom and that love is unselfish.

Gemini Accurate Horoscope - Loves the Limelight

The mighty twins-Gemini is a born communicator in every sense of the word! Charisma? Check! Pizzazz? Check? Razor sharp wits? Check! The gift of the gab? Check! The word “multitasking” seems to have been coined for these guys. The healthy cautious Taurus baby becomes the precocious child, thinking, exploring, playing and stimulating all of its new found senses! That is why the motto of the Gemini soul, the third zodiac house is “I think”! The karmic objective of the soul in the house of Gemini is to learn that love is awareness and that love is feeling!

In the house of Gemini, the soul experiences the exhilarating masculine forces again! Gone is the cautious, accurate deliberation of the Taurus soul. The Gemini child or toddler can now speak! And as soon as it does, all the attention is centered on it! It doesn’t need to yell or wait to get something! It can articulate all of its many needs and this independence is intoxicating! Gemini thus talks a lot, loves the limelight and is open, optimistic and forceful.

Associated planet is Mercury! Closest to the sun, Mercury is always shimmering in its intense heat…like a mirage! The Gemini personality type is very similar. The self that they show others is just a façade housing the real person who may be very different from the projected persona!

Libra Accurate Horoscope - Impossible Not to Like

These people are the rock stars of the zodiac world! The Libra has charms a plenty and the necessary physical attributes to become blue eyed boys or girls in a jiffy! They enchant us with their outer beauty, astonish us with their accurate intellectual abilities and in short hit you with the impact of an atom bomb that makes it impossible not to like them. The symbolic adult of the Virgo zodiac house now blooms into full maturity craving the sacred bonds of marriage. Most Libra men tend to get married far earlier than their other counterparts. The karmic lesson that the Libra souls need to learn is: Love is true beauty and that love is true harmony!

Pisces Accurate Horoscope - Difficult Karmic Challenge

Imagine drifting in the waters of hidden knowledge, anamnesis and confusion. Imagine the dread of failing, vague yet oppressive, tainting every day of your life! It is an unpleasant idea, yet that is exactly what a Pisces goes through. Seeing them-all passive and complaisant none of us can guess what goes on inside. This is supposedly the last house of zodiac that a soul needs to visit and master before that blessed oblivion of heaven, moksha or salvation.

Thus the poor battle scarred soul weary from all the activities of its past incarnation (Aquarius) is forever on the lookout subconsciously for glitches or mistakes that may force them to return to the physical plane one more time. Young Taurus and Aries can’t possibly appreciate what is being said here, but I am sure most Pisceans are nodding sagely! They know what it is like.

The Pisces is intent on submission. To the divine will! This house provides the most difficult karmic challenge of realizing that: Love is oneness and love is eternal!! (It will be good to mention here that the qualities of caution and reticence are more pronounced in Pisceans than most other feminine signs).

Sagittarius Accurate Horoscope - Embraces Openness

The Sagittarius, also called Sag (rhyming with badge) is a big bouncy sheepdog! It comes just after Scorpio on the zodiac horoscope wheel and it is as if the soul bowed down by the mysterious stirrings and tugs of Pluto and the vitriolic tongue of the past incarnation, embraces openness, a forthcoming attitude and a certain degree of exhibitionism with eagerness.

The Sagittarius is one zodiac that is obsessed with two things- the truth and worthy causes. They practice truth in all its forms- commenting on anything they see wrong anywhere (some people call it tactlessness), bringing flaws and faults to the forefront with utter disregard of who they hurt in the process (some people call it rudeness) and the surprisingly charming quality of being able to accept the foibles of one’s own nature (some people call it magnanimity).

No matter how frisky the Sag sounds, it has not one malicious bone in its body. It can never do anything to harm anyone, at least not intentionally. In the Sagittarius house, the strong sexual urges give way to the unquenchable thirst for accuracy and knowledge. The Sag soul proclaims I See and probes with embarrassing candor into everything. The karmic lesson to be mastered is: Love is honesty and that love is loyalty.

Leo Accurate Horoscope - Outer Confidence and Warmth

Make way for the royal monarch! The Leo or lion is indeed accurately described as the king of the zodiac horoscope world! The adolescent soul wakes from the doubt and apprehension of the Cancer incarnation to find itself in the full bloom of teenaged passion! There is now a pride in individuality and true youth is finally here- magnanimous and reckless! As a Leo the soul has the basic motto of “I Will” and thus most pussy cats or lions have an outer confidence and warmth that is irresistible! But inside there may be a few self-doubts still lingering! The Leo soul thus says “I will” and its destiny is to learn that love is humility!

Leo planet is, well not exactly a planet, Leo is ruled by the sun.
Leo vibrates to the winner’s no. 1, which is the number of benevolence and creativity.

Scorpio Accurate Horoscope - Mystery and Enigma

The house of the scorpion is one of mystery and enigma. The soul now, after experiencing the virginal prudishness of Virgo and the sacred bonds of holy matrimony as a Libra, becomes the symbolic wanton, hungry for the sensuousness of love making and the quiet intensity of sex. This is why even the little Scorpios will sometimes give you a spooky stare that will make you shiver. They are now ready to move away from the detached way of life and be initiated into the mysteries of life, love and nature. The rite of passage is through the union of sex.

One thing that should be clarified is the fact that even though not a conventional dual sign like say Gemini or the fishes (Pisces), Scorpios are sometimes categorized as the lowly scorpion who like to sting and the elevated eagle who soars above the petty stinging and jabbing and searches for the divine. In any case the Scorpio soul says “I desire” and its karmic destiny is to learn “Love is passion and that love is surrender”

Taurus Accurate Horoscope - Learns That Love Is Patience

The second entity on the zodiac horoscope ellipse is the generally placid (but volcanic when provoked) Taurus. The soul has now accurately learnt all the lessons that the house of Aries can teach and fulfilled the requisite karmic challenges! The infant soul is now the lovable baby!

Thus in the house of the Taurus, the soul learns that love is patience and that love is forgiveness. The Taurus soul says “I have”. Taurus vibrates to the potent number 6 which spells love and beauty. Thus the penchant of Taurus for accumulating physical objects and shiny baubles, within budget, of course!

The Taurus truly is a force to reckon with. The symbolic baby soul no longer throws tantrums or screams and shouts needlessly. It is learning the clock of the world and goes to sleep on time waking to anticipated comfort. It discovers reason, analysis and logic of a rudimentary level and like all kids has the perpetual questions “What, Why and where” on its lips!

Virgo Accurate Horoscope - the Symbolic Teenaged Soul

The Virgin Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac wheel and in this incarnation, the symbolic teenaged soul of the house of Leo, finally after many struggles and lessons learnt, becomes a true adult. The virgin Virgo is an Earth sign and is generally identified by its sharp intellect, its sense of duty and its almost eidetic memory that rivals that of the Taurus.

The Virgo is a born communicator. Thus of all the earth signs it possess the most adroit tongue and can really get a point across accurately without losing the essence of the matter. In the house of Virgo, the karmic destiny of the soul is: To learn that love is pure and that love is fulfillment.

Picture of an astrological horoscope sign. Picture of an astrological horoscope sign. Picture of an astrological horoscope sign. Picture of an astrological horoscope sign. Picture of an astrological horoscope sign. Picture of an astrological horoscope sign. Picture of an astrological horoscope sign. Picture of an astrological horoscope sign. Picture of an astrological horoscope sign. Picture of an astrological horoscope sign. Picture of an astrological horoscope sign. Picture of an astrological horoscope sign.
Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of an astrological horoscope symbol

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