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Child Gifts Profile

Child Gifts Profile - confidence building for the future!

Understand and track growth and progress - use abilities in a self-assured way

Child Gifts Profiles are for children as well as parents looking to understand and track their path of development. Written in an encouraging and helpful way each Child Gifts Profile helps build a young person’s confidence. When you understand better and have confirmed the talents and particular skills, this helps form self-assurance that can bring about a more confident approach to education and training as well work and career path choices. View Child Gifts Sample

Three sections:

Foundations - Essential Characteristics - Emotional and feeling nature - Relationship with mother - Personality

Development - Assertiveness - Friendship and social attitudes - Power of the mind - Money

Independence - Higher education and establishing values - Power and Transformation - Career and ambitions

By tracing development potential, you have a better understanding of the correct path to pursue and are able to make adjustments based on the confirmation of the most distinctive characteristics and abilities.

Child’s Astrology Birth Chart