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Cancer Characteristics

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Cancer and Work

Your chances of being successful in business are good because you have the necessary characteristics and are usually thrifty, shrewd, prudent and careful. Cancer, you are more suited to intellectual work than physical and would make an excellent welfare worker. Any job that brings you into contact with the public appeals to you, such as charitable work. Anything that captures your interest will fill you with drive and energy, which is often surprising considering your natural timidity.
Cancer can be an aggressive and creative leader. Your attack is never a direct one. You chip away at a hard task with quiet tenacity. Sometimes this takes a physical toll of you, for you may appear courageous and strong but really become almost a “nervous wreck.” It is surprising how successful you are in your work, considering the uncertainty and pitfalls which face one today and which you fundamentally fear. You set about your work quietly and accomplish what you have to do before most people realize you have even started.

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Cancer born people are seldom tall and are often inclined to put on weight. Their facial expression is soft and dreamy, sometimes rather vague—a “moon-face.” Their noses are small and often up-turned and they are lymphatic types. Cancer individuals generally lead quiet and unassuming lives, for although they can be as energetic as anyone else, they sometimes lack the drive to push themselves into any kind of prominence. Although in many a sense they are weak, they can, on the other hand, be courageous and undergo pain and a great deal of mental suffering when the protective side of their character is aroused.

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Cancer Health and Well Being

Physically, your stomach is your weak point and you are liable to catch infection easily. Health will suffer as the result of unnecessary worry, as you are very nervous and little things upset you easily. Sickness in childhood may give you a delicate physique, but strength may come with maturity. Care in what you eat will help your digestive system, but this will be difficult for you as you are fond of good food and have a weakness for rich dishes. Moods play a large part in your general health; worry, bitterness, fear and gloom will lower your resistance. Cancer, you are frequently sorry for yourself and may imagine you are sicker than you actually are. You are afraid of illness and any pain has a great effect on you.

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Likes and Dislikes

The maternal side of your character is very strong. Women born in Cancer are very motherly and even the Cancer born man has something maternal about him. He is invariably gentle and kind and one feels the urge to confide one's secrets and worries to him.
Your characteristics allow you to forgive almost anything, but it is not a good idea for others to hurt your feelings. Although you are vain to the extent that you attach much importance to your appearance, your vanity is more of the mind. You do not like others to think you stupid but, if they do, it is important to you that they do not show it. They should spare your feelings, for you have unusual intuition and sense what is behind their words.
You are fond of music and are fundamentally deeply religious. Your love for the secret and mysterious is very great. Inwardly you are afraid of it and fear that it might influence you too strongly. However, you have an urge to delve into it and satisfy your curiosity.

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Cancer Character and Traits

You, Cancer, are often moody and frequently morbid, and are prone to sensationalism. There is a danger of moral weakness because of this highly active instinct for the sensational. You may dramatize the small things that upset you emotionally, for you are susceptible to outside influences. Cancers are encouraged by kindness and appreciate a pat on the back. Criticism may cause you to climb into your shell and could contribute to an inferiority complex. Because your character is easily influenced, you pay far too much attention to what people might say. You worry about what others say and do and about what you think may be said behind your back.

Your love for home is one of your chief Cancer characteristics. You enjoy all kinds of changes and are able to adapt yourself to them easily. You are naturally conventional and conservative in the best sense, although you are still interested in all that is new. This is one of the contrasts in your nature, of which there are many. Your memory is always ready to take you back into the past, in which you live, while you are frequently inclined to regard the future with anxiety and misgiving.

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Helping Others

Any work that helps others is ideal for you. Your liking for children indicates that you might make teaching an enjoyable and successful career. Intuition is a great help to you in business and often you make your most important decisions on the basis of feelings rather than reason. Cancer, your characteristics and your ability to judge values and analyze problems gives you success in real estate, investments and the like. The sea attracts you and you are at home in a career to do with liquids, commerce and trading and you can also hold positions of authority handling groups of workers. Basically you are artistic, but the development of any such talent depends upon you and your environment. All your creative work, whether poetry, prose, music or painting, has emotional appeal and plenty of artistic style. Any of the arts which draw upon your emotions and imagination offers scope for your artistic urge.

Cancers have a strong sense of duty and are loyal to their employer. Regardless of how much money or prestige is attached to your work, your first consideration should be whether your character is temperamentally suited to it or not. You will profit in the long run if your job provides expression for your personality. If it is absorbing work there is less risk of your day-dreaming and wasting your talents.

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How Cancer Handles Money

Cancer is careful where money is concerned and, being very honest yourself you will not tolerate dishonesty in others. Your tastes are modest and you dislike extravagant display. You have a keen sense of values, a flair for making money and the prudence to keep it. If you become wealthy it will be through your own hard efforts. Sometimes you become dissatisfied in your search for security, but you generally find it in the end. You are often the one who is able to help others. Characteristically You are the worrying type and money may cause you some concern. As this may undermine your health, it is best to work towards security without depending upon it too much. Sometimes you feel you are overindulgent, but possession of material things gives you confidence.