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Aries Characteristics

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Aries make good doctors, engineers and dentists. You are a man of action, excellent as a soldier and ideal for the “commander-in-the-field.” You are “tough,” have courage and stamina, resourcefulness and a good deal of inflexibility. Collective work does not agree with your character as you are a complete individualist. You must be the leader of the team, so that you can plan to your heart's content. On the whole, you are pretty easily pleased with what you do and, as long as the concern you work for is up to date in its methods and outlook, you will be satisfied. Beginning projects and schemes and leaving the finishing to others is also part of the Aries character. They start great things, but other great ideas inspire them before their work is completed. An Aries person with the will to stick to a task until it is finished has many opportunities in life.

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Achieving Financial Success

Although you, Aries, are not entirely absorbed in amassing wealth, you realize the pleasure that money and the material things in life can bring. You are very active in making it, spending it and giving it away. You are honest in money dealings and successful in whatever you undertake, because your characteristics have the necessary drive. Set yourself a goal and you will have the push to reach it. You like your clothes and furnishings to be fashionable, so it is important that you have money on hand to buy them. A generally luxurious front makes you feel powerful and confident, and more able to succeed in your work. Sometimes you are extravagant and careless, buying when you should save, and you may lose your money through rash investments. “Today we live, tomorrow we die” you say with bravado, and you certainly enjoy living. Aries, you should take more care in balancing your budget and watch your spending. You will probably make money slowly, and you should help it along by not acting impulsively or making quick decisions. Trying to make money quickly could be dangerous for your bank balance.

Talents and Capabilities

You have certain capabilities and talents, as we all have. Aries you should find out what fields you are most talented in and look for work there. The urge to get on in the world will lead you to jobs with good prospects. Aries rules the head and the intelligence. You are creative, ambitious and aggressive. Many positions will attract you, and you have the characteristics and ability to make a success of them. Large concerns and growing enterprises need people with personality and ingenuity. They will offer scope for your interest and enthusiasm and provide opportunities for your talents. You are best suited to a job where you meet people. You are clever and quick at repartee and can make use of it here. A position with authority is ideal. You will make good, wherever there is need for someone with qualities of leadership, such as foreman or supervisor. You are a natural leader, having courage, energy and originality necessary to spur others to action.

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As you are impulsive and sometimes headstrong, you should beware of accidents. Breakdowns from overwork are your greatest danger; you must learn to relax and control your feelings. Worry, excitement and anger tend to upset your general health. You need rest, sleep and good food, with plenty of vegetables. You are more likely to live through diseases and fever than others. Aries become impatient of sickness and recover quickly from illness. Your driving qualities make you impatient to get moving again, and there is every chance that you will lead an active life for a long time. However, as you do not do things half-heartedly, you should be careful of excessive food and drink. Although your youthful character may remain with you until old age you may wear yourself out before your time. You can lengthen your life if you tone things down as the years go by.

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Aries Health and Well Being

You usually enjoy good health. People born under this zodiac sign frequently have a healthy body, so take care of it. Characteristically Aries people are especially prone to accidents, particularly to the head and face. You should exercise special care when traveling in anything fast moving, and also in sports where there is an element of risk. Manliness is common in Aries, and women born under this sign are often very beautiful and typical sports girls. You have a good constitution, are good at sports and are capable of sudden spurts of energy. Your staying powers are not great, and you prefer one quick set of tennis rather than a longer match. Your sign rules the head, and physically your nerves are your weakness, particularly of the head and stomach. You are prone to headaches, migraine and fevers.

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Optimism and Enthusiasm

Aries you do not use your abilities carefully. You are easily drawn into a quarrel and sometimes cannot see other people's points of view. You tend to underestimate others and your daring becomes useless when it is headstrong and hasty. Sometimes in your desire to rush things along, you overstep the mark and become over optimistic and wildly enthusiastic for no reason at all. Your enthusiasm goes just as quickly as it comes. You rarely look before you leap and, at some time or other, do foolish things without thinking. You should mark time till your characteristics have crystallized to the point where you can exploit them effectively and safely.

Aries people have a quick temper, but it is not generally vindictive. It will flare up but will be over quickly and forgotten. Your love affairs are likely to flare up and then die out just as quickly. Having a bold, forward character, you are extremely independent and often proud and arrogant. You resent criticism and opposition and give way to your weaknesses to become the victim of anyone who challenges you. You can cause bad feeling through pressing issues too swiftly. Use more judgment in a clash of opinions, and try to see both sides of the question. Above all, avoid overdoing things physically, financially or otherwise.

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The Traits that Define Aries

Aries your vigor is usually devoted to sensible and useful ends and you can achieve much as a reformer and champion of the weak. You will not hesitate to change whatever you do not like, and you do not sit and wait for the good things of life to come to you. Your Aries characteristics will lead you to go out and grasp opportunities and enthusiastically look for them. You love to be first to start things, and any difficulties seem to give you more strength. You realize that to get things done you may have to do them yourself for others will not always see eye to eye with you. Ambitious activities do not always yield swift results, so be content to bide your time.
Your mind is quick and full of ideas. You are on your toes and can deal with any situation or emergency. You can make important decisions, and nothing is ever too hard for you to tackle. Sometimes you become side tracked because you cannot concentrate on one thing at a time. This is why you frequently make a hash of things.

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