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Aquarius Characteristics

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You are the most suitable of all types to carry out social service work, for you care more for people in general than for yourself. Aquarians are valuable people to have in rehabilitation work. They are found in every successful ministering group, from the highest to the lowest position. If you are the intellectual type of Aquarius you make a fine writer for you have a keen sense of the dramatic. Anything out of the ordinary fascinates you. You may have a special fondness for the arts and may become a connoisseur of painting, music and literature. Most of you are gifted in some way and may have a particular aptitude or talent for some art. You should put every ounce of effort into your creative work, to achieve that high standard you aim at. You will do well in any work where you can use your imagination. You may not do so well in your own business, as you are too much of a dreamer. You may not act quickly enough and let things slide.

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Money is a means to an end. Your zodiac characteristics show neither extravagance nor indulgence; you like money for what it can buy in the way of progress and development for the work you are doing. You are most likely to make money through your inventions and discoveries. It will require long, patient effort, but the thought and work of today will bring you wealth tomorrow. You can be both lucky and unlucky, for you have ambition and talent but do not always make the most of them. You would rather have success come to you instead of making practical plans to go out for it. Wealth and honors are quite acceptable to you, but you may not feel that their achievement is worth the necessary labor.

Aquarius Work Ethics

You like to be busy in some useful work, which must always have a touch of culture and idealism about it. You never choose an uninteresting job as your life work; whatever it is, you invest it with new depth and give it an individual slant that often pays financially. Working agrees with you Aquarius. You can accomplish a great deal in little time and with half the energy that most people put into a job. You are naturally an able person and frequently suggest some improvement in method in whatever you take on. You can handle responsibility, but, characteristically, dislike taking orders. Your brain is always working on some invention or completely original idea, and anything that is different intrigues you. Routine work wears you down, for you prefer something unusual. You like to leave routine jobs to others and generally work in fits and starts. You are quick on the uptake but are often careless. Slow and stupid people make Aquarius impatient. You may be intolerant towards them if they have fewer natural talents than you, though you are always ready to make life easier for others.

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People never know for certain what an Aquarius is going to do next. You have an unusual detachment as if you were observing everything and everybody. For this reason you are very tolerant and do not demand that others do what you want. You seem to be everything at the same time, conventional and eccentric, fond of tradition and of all that is new. Sometimes you feel that ordinary laws are not for you and may go through a period of wanting to be unusual and doing everything that is irregular. You may not want to dress like other people and may develop special characteristics, mannerisms and styles of your own. You always like to be completely individual in what you say and do.

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Creative Characteristics

Aquarius you have a deep sympathy for poverty, but you have a deeper concern for ignorance. You want to raise the mental standard of the whole world. It is more important to you that everybody thinks rather than eats. Perhaps instinctively you know that man will eat, but must be trained to love and to think. You feel that when men are responsible mentally there will be happiness for everybody. You are always miles ahead of others in new thought, originality and approach to problems and you are always willing to accept new designs for living. Your character has a strong urge to develop along creative lines, whether the results are the establishment of great new businesses, new ideas or an inspiring love affair. Group interests and humanity at large are what interest you most in life. The problem of an individual never interests you too deeply unless you can see where many will gain through its solution.

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Mind and Body Traits

The state of mind in which you Aquarius, approach your work will also affect your health. If you meet small disturbances philosophically they will take less out of you. You can definitely train yourself to control your mind and display your desired characteristics. Physically your weak points are the calves and ankles, and you should take care that these parts of the body are not injured. You may suffer from nervous disturbances and circulation troubles, such as anemia, low blood pressure and similar ailments. It is most important that your blood be kept in good condition. An Aquarius woman has an unusual fascination all her own. She is imaginative and intellectual and frequently steals the show from others more beautiful than she. It is difficult to describe the typical Aquarian physique but the eyes are usually the most outstanding feature, and are not easily forgotten.

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General, Physical and Health Characteristics

Aquarius physical characteristics usually produce pleasant looking people. They have graceful, medium sized figures, well-shaped heads, broad foreheads indicating intelligence, and a sympathetic expression. You are strong and can resist sickness in spite of your delicate build. You look, and generally are, exceedingly fit and healthy. This is due to the fact that you are sensible about cleanliness, and have healthy habits so that disease rarely gets a chance to attack you. Pressure from worry is often what starts illness; it would be wise to exercise your natural ability to view all things objectively so that you will achieve harmony and peace of mind. You should not allow yourself to be intimidated by others, nor should you let the strain of opposition take too much out of you in health and strength. Diet and vitamins will counteract your intense nervous traits; good food, fresh air and peaceful surroundings will keep you well. Since you are a naturally placid person you know instinctively how to stand up to opposition without letting it affect health or position.

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